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Case Studies - Online Infographics Services

Case Study 2016

Infographic Marketing Campaign:

Activity: Infographic Marketing
Duration: Sep 25, 2015 to Jan 25, 2016

About eModernDecor has been one of the largest premier high­end bathroom, kitchen and home hardware company in the market that offers contemporary home remodeling products at a discounted price to our customers.

TThe company is one of the largest supplier of high­end hardware such as faucets, wall panels, sinks, cabinet hardware, designer furniture, and a host of other items that helps beautify your dwelling. The products are created with excellent quality raw materials and comes in a design that will incredibly match the aesthetic quotient of the room.

The Challenge

Low web visibility­ Although established since 2007, eModernDecor’s web visibility was low. Reasons were many, one of which was that there were not enough images that could represent the products of the ecommerce store on various platforms. Take a look at the website’s facebook profile image:

Less qualitative images ­ Low resolution product images were not attractive enough to be shared on social media and other online marketing campaigns.

Higher bounce rate and less conversions ­ Graphical representation of products around the site was unappealing and dull. This led to less conversions and high bounce rate from product pages.

The solution: What we did?

We believed the first priority was to revamp the images used around the website. Managing the website provided us with essential insights about what kind of images would work well with the categories. We started with social media profiles first.

We then undertook the responsibility of changing product images. We replace the existing images with high resolution, visually­ appealing images. Some examples:

Next, we created infographics that could be used in various social media and third party sites to create brand awareness and generate backlinks.

Infographic #1:

Online infographics service

Infographic #2:

Case studies of info graphics service

Aforementioned are infographics that displays different bathroom sinks, faucets, and other accessories.

We added a large number of similar graphical representation focusing on the website’s products and services and worked extensively towards promoting them on social media campaigns. Using very focused keywords and introduced extensive negative matching to weed out irrelevant searches, we made sure the terminology was search engine friendly.

The Results:

The click through rate of website’s product and service surged at a drastic rate. The site now sees more traffic and runs at a much lower cost, meaning increased profits and long­term viability.

  • Relevant Clicks increased: 400%
  • Impressions increased: 240%
  • Click through rate increased: 270%
  • Avg Cost per Click reduced by: 27%
  • Cost on ineffective promotional campaigns reduced by: 20%
  • Conversions increased by: 30%
Infographics service map

Blue: 2015

Red: 2016

Client Feedback:

We are totally delighted with the results from the campaign and are glad we took inboard the recommendation to use AuroIN as our digital marketing medium. AuroIN is not only understand the quantitative aspect of interactive infographics marketing, but also understand the qualitative aspects, the so­called creative end that inspires a lead to contact you.

CEO ­ Mr. Krishna Tata.

What Did We Learn?

Not everything can be achieved by infographics, but it increasingly expedites associated promotional activities. The web is moving towards seeing more and reading less. At this point of time, infographic proves to be the best resource that can make an ecommerce website more user­friendly.

We are Recognized as...

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  • AuroIN LLC, USA BBB Business Review
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