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5 Steps of CMS Development Life-Cycle

Software development has to be done under careful guidance. Much like any development process, it can be bifurcated into several road-maps for a successful execution of project. Getting acquainted with the process can ultimately help you and team to cope with the enormity of a project.

Here are the steps:


Realizing client's exact requirements is of paramount importance. You need to develop a program taking in to account the customer's current systems and eventually create one that will be seamlessly integrated with the existing system. The foremost essential step you need to take is to find the target audience. Even the IT infrastructure, team and data need be to assessed. You have to prepare a migration plan beforehand.

Development Wire-frame:

Outline the specification lucidly. This will include layout design, navigation, features, SEO elements, design elements and other dynamic aspects of the website, which will be included in the specification. Bigger projects will demand deeper levels of assessment including technical requirements.

Design and Development:

Now that the specifications have been clearly laid-out, it's time to take on the actual development and design work. A developer must first start with a prototype design. The development team, designer team and the database team need to work hand-in-hand to manifest the above pictured specification. This is enable you to achieve a product which is in-line with what the client had imagined.


Absolutely necessary for SEO and online marketing. When you are planning to increase your brand value and customer reach, your website needs to have powerful content written lucidly. Businesses should hire professional content writers for the job. From webpage content to banner text and other elements has to be covered here.

Maintenance and Updating:

Every website needs frequent updates to keep them in the trend. During the development life-cycle updates and bug fixes are done from time to time. Once it is operational, the promotion, updates, content management and tech maintenance is continued even after the completion of development process.

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