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The Biggest Three Advantages of CMS Development

HTML has long been the most preferred web-technology for website designing. The Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the building block of all webpages and is used to form the design and placement of elements on a website. On the other hand, CMS or Content Management System provides as a platform which is already streamlined with basic features (with options to add more) and automation features to create and edit contents from remote location. A CMS already comes with interface for the users to easily create, edit numerous website design and content elements without writing lines of code in HTML from scratch.

Here are a 3 advantages of CMS development:

Simple, Straight forward Installation:

The server-side installation is easy. The 'Admin' just has to get a copy of the installation package to the directory of the website. Some popular and powerful CMS platforms include WordPress, Magento, Joomla come pre-installed and is ready to use. Admin can login to the website even from remote location. They even come with customizable themes. All graphics, images and contents added or updated is categorized and organized automatically without needing admin's attention. However with HTML developer, the admin has to do that manually.

Ninja Coding Skills is not required:

The interface is designed to be user-friendly which demands minimal to absolutely no coding knowledge to develop a website. Popular CMS platforms mentioned above already comes with content creation in mind, which enables users to put-up a basic and beautiful website for their business. However, if you need other functionalities, users can add plug-ins or hire professionals for the job. Although no coding skill is required, CMS does cover a comprehensive range of features which can be hard to locate and utilize for a newbie. There are CMS professionals who can provide you the right solution if you are looking for a more than just a basic website.

Powerful SEO Features:

For small, medium and established businesses, CMS platforms provide powerful SEO features to admins. That being said, some developers think HTML can fully optimize the website to its potential as it's executed from scratch. This could be true to some extent, however, an experienced CMS developers such as for WordPress, can bring similar level of flexibility and efficiency to the website, when SEO is concerned.

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