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About The Company - is one-stop online shop for all 110/220V electronic appliances that provides branded and quality products at affordable prices. They provide 110/220 Volts household appliances for the entire North America and 220 Volts for Europe and Asia and dual voltage goods for countries all around the globe. They are the largest distributors of household electronic goods with guaranteed best in quality products and after sales service.

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Our Laid Out Plan-

Our redesign story starts in August 2012. Until then, our previous strategy of having separate mobile, tablet and desktop websites didn’t exactly perform badly; they drove conversions, and user engagement appeared to be good relative to our desktop website. I should mention that this strategy was borne purely out of the need to quickly tailor our ageing desktop website to the increasing number of tablet and mobile users at the time. We produced our tablet and mobile websites specifically with users of these devices in mind — performance was our top priority. We wanted to improve on the loading time of our “desktop” website dramatically; the desktop home page was 2.2 MB, with 84 HTTP requests, and the mobile home page was still quite large, at 700 KB, with 46 HTTP requests.

New Approach -

Despite this, several factors led us to decide that this approach was no longer sustainable for our own website:

  • having to support multiple code bases,
  • content management,
  • the emergence of new mini-tablets and “phablets.”

The first two were not ideal, but at least manageable. The third, however, was a deal-breaker. OK, so we could have designed a website optimized for mini-tablets, but with so many more Web-enabled devices of all shapes and sizes entering the market every day, it would have been only a matter of time before we needed to think about optimizing for new form factors.

Results -

Our team came up with a mind blowing design for the client. Now, Client had access to both PC and Mobile version. The website looked good and was accessible from multiple devices and gadgets.

We are Recognized as...

  • AuroIN-Adwords certified
  • AuroIN Proven Credible Verified
  • AuroIN LLC, USA BBB Business Review
  • AuroIN Google Partner