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Annada Padhy

AuroIN Revamps CMS Development Services in 2016

New York City, USA - July 26, 2016 – AuroIN, a premier digital marketing agency, based in NYC revamps its CMS (Content Management System) development services for its global customers.

CMS website development and design services has been revamped to fit today's business needs of business owners. AuroIN's new design philosophy and technical expertise will give access to customers around the world with cutting-edge technology, latest web-design best practices and code optimization for a fast and secure website. This will enable customer to make basic website updates without the help of experts. The company has put together a team of technical experts for the task.

Annada Padhy – The Managing Director of AuroIN quoted: “CMS is a highly compact and convenient platform for non-coders to build websites. However, to work with all it's features, it takes a real expert. The CMS tech allows developers to make few coding errors as well develop website at a faster pace. Which is why we have re-vamped our CMS development services to give our customers a cutting-edge website.”

MS development will bring new convenience and ease of use and maintenance to both the developer and the customers, making it the bridge between pro-coders and non-coders.;

About AuroIN

AuroIN is a New York based, digital marketing and web-development agency with over a decade of experience in the industry. AuroIN specializes in website Website Building Services, load time optimization services, SEO, Social Media Optimization (SMO), Pay Per Click, and lot more to provide comprehensive turnkey services to global customers.

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