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Content Strategy & Copywriting

Motivate, inspire and engage with your audience by creating content strategy that compels readers to take action. Send coherent message across all media.

  • We develop content that invites action subliminally.
  • We create strategy developed on robust foundation.
  • We write content that increases sales, improves website performance, optimized for Search Engine Optimization.
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Personalized Content Strategy - Blends with Stellar Copywriting

Be it the headline or call-to-action of your landing pages, we will create a compelling copy for all marketing platforms, that your company engages in.

AuroIN Branding

Compiling Content with a Focus on Branding

Consumers prefer companies that has a personality in its writing; with a human-like voice and friendly attitude. Whether your business is B2C or B2B, maintaining a consistent brand voice throughout all platforms and digital marketing strategies is paramount in building a long lasting relationship with your customer.

AuroIN Search

Identify the Target Audience and Relate With Them

Every effort will end in vain if you work in assumptions. Simply accepting a general demographic as your target audience and trying to convert them, will definitely affect your business. It has to begin with thorough research on your niche audience, up to a personal level and then identifying their interests, preference and needs. Connect them with the right copy, which specifically addresses their needs and meets their expectations. An efficient copy will speed up this conversion process.

AuroIN copywritting services

Compilations for Different Media

Copy across all platform must retain a common theme; however, should be tailored to the specific digital marketing platform. The style of writing and its choice of words for a case study must not read like it's a Social Media post; because, potential customers are at different different levels of your conversion funnel, and you need to engage with them, likewise. Take advantage of each platform's versatility.

AuroIN Copywritting

SEO-friendly Copy and Creating Intruiging Content

Copy content that are optimized for SEO, using highly ranked industry-related keywords will vault your business over your competitors and push your website ranking to the top. Valuable contents will bring more links from websites with high domain authorities; eventually, increasing a surge in traffic and more high-quality leads. Organic traffic is still the most efficient way to generate quality leads.

AuroiN Optimized Copy

Optimized Copy for the Highly Effective Landing Pages

A landing page is your target customer's first step towards your business’ conversion funnel; this is the last place where businesses want to lose potential customers. Must thought and effort is devoted in designing landing pages. To compel users to convert, each landing page has to have a descriptive yet succinct header, which will provide the reason why your service or product is better in the market; and then have a luring call-to-action. Copy for landing pages will determine whether you will succeed in conversion or lose potential clients.

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