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Creating an E­commerce Website that Sells for Itself

eCommerce is the hottest new online phenomenon; worldwide ecommerce market value is nearly 2 trillion dollars and growing. The convenience and comfort of shopping online has also pushed the industry forward. However, the ubiquitous nature of the industry has paved the way for a single range of product and service market to have many online portals. Hence, it is a dominant market anymore. Customers now have the options to choose from various online resources to buy their products. Of­course they would choose the one that offers the same product at a much cheaper price and most importantly from the one they trust. Therefore, we have outlined few major points ecommerce business owner need to take care of while designing their online portals.

1. Simple, Clearly­Defined Web Pages Without Noise

Each page should be designed to showcase the exact product, that the page is dedicated to. For instance, the homepage should only be a welcome page to the website, with comprehensive information and strategically placed buttons and tabs to specific range of products. The homepage shouldn't leave any doubts on your offerings; moreover, be encouraging to visitors for making a purchase. Product categories, should offer the exact products; there is no need of promoting products from other categories here. You don't want to discourage visitors by showing products they are not interested in. Finally, the shopping cart page and checkout process must be simple, lightweight and highly secure. It must also have options to make last­minute changes in the purchase items.

2. Contact Info for Your Customer's Convenience

Contact info, FAQs, reviews and comments matter most when your are selling products online; because, customers are not able to see, touch or feel these products in the flesh. The whole online buying is a digital process, it's likely that your customers need a human touch. They may want to speak to you in person over the phone or via email. If, these info is not made available in close proximity to customers, they may lose interest; and you will lose a sale. You phone number, location, testimonials, reviews, will create give a sense of credibility, as well as trust on the product you are selling.

3. Focus on Brand Loyalty & Trust

Give your customers a reason to return to your website for their next purchase. It's a big competition, when it comes to Ecommerce business and you want to be one the top of their options. People don't just land on a particular website to buy products; it's much likely that they have browsed through a number of Ecommerce websites before reaching yours by comparing prices, previous buying experiences and brands credibility, finally making a purchase from the most preferred one. To be on the top, you have to seize those opportunities. One of the best way to increase loyalty is by providing timely email on latest stocks, announcing sale, addition of new products and email notification on sold­out stocks. Run email campaigns with information that are in the interest of your customers.

4. Clutter­Free & Secure Checkout Process

Most ecommerce websites lose customers right at the edge of its checkout process. Bombarding too much information, clumsy UI, sluggish page load, prolonged process and absence of trustworthy badges such as McAfee and VeriSign is rather discouraging to customers. It is suggested to make the whole process faster with less redirected pages. You also need to make them aware of shipping charges and additional costs in a friendly manner. Plus, don't forget to inform them that the payment gateway is secure and verified with latest technology.

5. Stay Up & Running 365x24/7

E­commerce is not the brick and mortar business that's open from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM; it's the online arena, where you have to cater your customers' needs any time they please. You can't afford to lose sales just because the server was down for a few hours. You must hire a reliable hosting plan that is in operation all the time, it should also handle larger amounts of orders than your website usually gets. With increased sale over time, keep updating your hosting plan for more users.

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