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7 Must­Have Features on eCommerce Website To Boost Sales

E­commerce is a fairly competitive market; although eCommerce industry has a long way to go, it's prolific nature has made it difficult for companies to thrive. Retaining customers have become tougher than ever because of the competition. Therefore, we have outlined some features (7 to be exact) that will help you to garner more new customers and retain existing ones.

Here are the Top 7 Features You Need to Have on your eCommerce Website.

Strong Product Search Features

Implement strong search facility so that visitors can easily find products they are interested in. keep the search bar noticeable. It must also present suggested products along with the searched item. You could also mention special discounts or offers for products in the search results itself. This will help garner more traffic for a number of products.

Show Related Products

Showing related products to the current item is one of the best way to increase sales. This encourages visitors to purchase more items. Don't forget to add social media share buttons. It may encourage visitor's friends to buy similar products for your website.

Product Filters on Multiple Parameters

Give your customers the flexibility to find products exactly to their specifications. Facilitate them to get product list based on categories such as price, popularity, features, new arrivals and others. Scrolling through and endless page of products is hands­down discouraging. Also keep the 'View All' button for customers who need more options and want to browse through all.

Essential Product Details

Keep product description informative and short. Additional info on products help in building trust; without them, customers may hesitate in making the purchase. To stay ahead of the competition, offer email notification for availability of currently sold­out stocks. This way, you make visitors engaged, as well as receive email list for further email campaigns.

Dynamic Shopping Cart

Your ecommerce website's shopping cart should get updated automatically with every purchase. This dynamic user interface assures customers that items have been added to cart and updated with a consolidated list of products and updated price. Some visitors casually add products to cart but refrain from actually making a purchase. For this, you could give them the option to 'save for later' instead of insisting them to make the purchase.

Multiple Shipping Options

Give the flexibility of choosing shipping options as per customer's' convenience. 'One rate fits all' is not the way to go. Some may want products to be delivered the next and are willing to pay additional cost. Some may need it later and choose a slower shipping option at a much lower price. This will give your ecommerce website an edge over others.

Provide Multiple Payment Option and Confirmation Text

Offer multiple payment option, so that customers can pay as per their convenience. After the payment is done, provide a confirmation email or even a dedicated page. Relieve them from this stressful moment by sending purchase receipt to their email ID. You could also include package tracking option and expected date of arrival.

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