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What does SEO stand for?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is everything done, on-site and off-site, to ensure your website gets found on the Internet and to ensure that the approaching traffic converts to sales.

Why do I require SEO?

The majority of web traffic is produced  by search and those that come through search   and inquiry have a more noteworthy level of business plan than most different channels.

Which SEO techniques are popular?

In today’s rapid moving world, SEO techniques can change on a dime. The best SEO techniques according to us are those which can help you skyrocket your rankings and boost your number of monthly visitors from organic search. Few such techniques are improving user experience, improve the page load speed, make your website mobile friendly, technical optimization, building variety of back link and conquer Video with youtube SEO

What are keywords?

The words and phrases that searchers use search engines to find relevant pages, images, videos, or any information for products, services, answers or even for  knowledge. SEO experts consider keywords and their synonyms while optimizing website content for search.

How do I find the best keywords for my website?

Selecting the best keywords for your website needs an exercise. First  utilize any Keyword Research Tool to discover specialty keywords. Then refine your Keyword list with the keywords that have the highest search volume and finally check how competitive the keyword phrases are, and you are done to boost your web crawler rank.

How often should I update my website?

The mission of each website is unique and so are the updating requirements. Websites dealing with trending topics should be updated more frequently. If you are having an e-commerce business , site ought to be refreshed each time a new product or service is launched. An audit is mandatory at least twice in a year to find out any technical issues and are to be fixed immediately.

Can I opt for one or two months of SEO services?

We strongly recommend not to stop the  SEO services once started. As it is already mentioned that unlike PPC, SEO is slow & steady process. It needs continual efforts to develop results. Pausing the campaign will lose results and your competitors will take advantage of and rise above you.

What is Pay-Per-Click?

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is a model of digital marketing where the promoter pays a charge each time one of their advertisements are clicked. PPC is a compelling method to convey individuals to your site and can be truly productive if managed accurately. 

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is perhaps the most well known PPC display. It enables businesses to make promotions that will appear on Google’s web index results and other related properties. Google Adwords is a PPC platform where clients offer on key phrases and pay each time a browser clicks on their advertisement.

Which is better, SEO or PPC?

The fundamental difference between SEO and PPC is that traffic originating from SEO is free while traffic created from PPC is paid. If budget is a factor SEO is a better option, however if time is concerned, PPC will give you quick outcomes.

What is a call to action?

A call to action (CTA) is an incite that inspire the browser to make an explicit move. A suggestion to take action is commonly composed as a command, for example, “Order Now.” In digital advertising a CTA appears as a button or link. 

What is conversion rate optimization?

The process of increasing the percentage of conversions from your website is referred as Conversion rate optimization. CRO involves executing strategies to improve the components on your site (or app) through testing. CRO centers around moving prospects to the next stage through your marketing funnel.

How is Google Analytics helpful for me?

Google Analytics is a free site examination platform that gives you bits of knowledge into how clients find and utilize your site. With Google Analytics, you can track ROI for your advertising campaign and review important metrics to make informed decisions. 

What does SMO stand for?

SMO or Social Media Optimization is the process of increasing the awareness of a product, service or brand by utilizing various social media outlets and networks to produce viral exposure.

Which social media channels should I use?

Consider first the best social directs  in terms of active users: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and YouTube. Figure out where your audience invests their time. Research the socioeconomics and standards of conduct of the clients and consider the sort of substance you’ll share. 

How can I control my image on social media?

You can’t “control” your image in Social media as it is in the hands of your audience.  But of course, you can join the discussions, indicate you care about your clients, and add value to it. 

What is local SEO?

Local SEO  is the way toward advancing your website to produce traffic from area based inquiries. It enables organizations to promote products and services to local clients when they require them.

What is ORM?

It is now estimated that approximately 80%-90% of customers will check online reviews before making a purchase. The technique and strategy of ORM or Online Reputation Management is necessary to ensure that browsers find the right information when they look for you on the Web.

Are videos important?

Yes Of Course! The reason advertisers love video so much is online buyers love to watch video more instead of reading. Video is the most interactive method of sharing and easy to distribute across multiple platforms. Video can give you more ROI than any other content form.

Why should I hire a company rather than doing the job In-house?

It is smarter to let the expert handle it. You and your staff are specialists at what you do and we are the professionals of digital marketing. The essential advantage of utilizing a digital marketing agency is experience, understanding and assets. A digital marketing agency has experts and assets that you may not. Contact us for a free site analysis.  

Does my Website need to be mobile friendly?

Yes indeed! Around 60% of traffic on web indexes is from mobile devices like cell phones and tablets. In the event that website is not mobile friendly, you are losing numerous potential clients. AuroIN expert designers can create responsive websites that can be browsed in any display device or can make your existing websites or mobile friendly.

Why should I use a Web design company?

When you are thinking of designing a website for your brand, you are presented with a wide range of alternatives. But only an experienced website designer can design a website attract visitors and convert them into clients. 

What is the timeline to design a website?

Well, it depends upon the requirement of the business and the features you want to have in the website. It also depends upon the response and involvement of the client. However, we try to get it done within a month or two. 

How can I trust your company?

We are A+ BBB (Better Business Bureau) arredited! We are proud to showcase our esteem client’s love towards us at Yelp and Proven Credible.We are also Google Adwords and Analytics certified. AuroIN also has the Inbound Marketing Certification with Hubspot to its credit.

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