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So, you have a list of subscribers! Now, it's time to make a strategy for your email marketing venture..

  • Crafted subject lines to welcome more open rates
  • Newsletter designs, that compel viewers to engage
  • Increase conversion rates by implementing strategically designed landing pages with emails

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Mobile Email Marketing Statistics You Need To Know

Email Marketing is at the heart of all content marketing efforts. Business can see over 3800% ROI i.e. $38 for every $1 spent! In 2016 there are 251 email marketing software solutions available in the market.

Best eMail Clients:

  • iPhone – 33%
  • Gmail – 15%
  • iPad – 12%
  • Thunderbird – 1%
  • Google Android – 10%
  • Apple Mail – 8%
  • Outlook – 6%
  • Yahoo! Mail – 3%
  • – 3%
  • Windows Live Mail – 2%

Mobile eMail Statistics:

  • About 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices.
  • 75% of Gmail’s 900M users access their accounts via mobile devices.
  • 23% of readers who open an email on a mobile device open it again later.
  • From 2011 to 2013, email opens on mobile phones devices increased by 30%.
  • Data for over 1.8 billion opens from campaigns sent in 2013 shows that mobile is the most popular environment for a subscriber’s first interaction with an email.
  • Though the number of new Internet users is growing at less than 10% per year, the number of new smartphone subscribers is growing at a 20%+ rate.
  • The iPhone is the most common mobile device subscribers use to open their email for the first time.
  • Mobile readers who open an email a second time from a computer are 65% more likely to click through.
  • One out of every three clicks within an email occurs on a mobile device.
  • It is more common for a reader’s second open to be on a mobile device than it is on a different device: 70% will stick with their mobile device, and 30% will go elsewhere.
Infographics on Email Marketing

High ROI Email Marketing Services

Case Studies

Airport Transportation

The Client provides high-quality, low price promotional sunglasses and accessories with excellent service for the global customers. The company employs cutting-edge printing technology to produce latest design products at lowest cost.

Founded in 1994, was firstly known as a sunglasses manufacturer in China. They have shipped millions of sunglasses to the customers worldwide. Later in the 2000s, the company stepped into the promotional market offering the professional promotional sunglasses to the customer in various fields. Promoglasses offers a wide range of promotional sunglasses and accessories with FULL-COLOR logos on lenses and arms.

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Audience Research & Data Collection

The foremost step is to understand your email recipients' expectations, email reading habits and your best email sending time.

Your email sign-up form is the best way to gather aforementioned data. However, the form must be short and sweet, with just the essentials, that are needed to further launch your campaign. Asking too much may discourage views to sign-up.


Website Hosting Service Provider


Even with the bad reputation, email marketing is still one of the most important and efficient platform for marketing. However, today's marketing strategies have changed. In addition to the basics such as: convincing heading; key takeaways; to-the-point content etc., new components need to be in-place for higher conversion. Your email marketing efforts need to be in-line with latest trends and design philosophy so that your business doesn't get left-behind.

It is only natural to know that email designs in 2016 needs to be responsive. With the ever-increasing popularity of mobile devices, email design needs to be optimized to accommodate varying screen size. Today over 50% of emails are opened in mobile devices. Responsive design must be optimized for both desktop as well as mobile; as, click-through-rates from emails are higher in desktop, it cannot completely be ignored.

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