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Information Architecture & User Experience

Our Information Architecture Services

There is a Wireframe for every website. Our UX experts provide blueprints of high-performance website for your reference.

  • Using relevant content, we provide meaning to your website
  • Improve conversions by creating simple user-pathways
  • Optimize usability with an intuitive layout.
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What Makes Up a Strong Information Architecture & User Experience

We begin your website design from scratch using a strategic layout of wireframe, which will be based on your targeted users' persona. Our priority is to give your website a friendly user-experience, compelling interface, intuitive navigation and optimized content, to facilitate seamless consumer's journey on your website.

Understanding Your Target Users' Interest and Browsing Patterns

An efficient website design must begin with understanding of targeted audience on a personal level. We create dummy users who act as your target audience; we will give them a name, background, age, skills, interests, education and the platform they use to browse your website. This data helps us design the right website that returns more ROI on your investment. The objective is to find out your visitors' behaviors and reaction after reaching your website.

We begin by noting the steps a user takes to navigate your website and reach the information they were looking for. This provides insights that will help design a user-friendly website. A user persona, based on your target audience will provide comprehensive understanding of your visitors. This is where we begin designing your wireframe; giving us a full idea of where to place specific content for maximum engagement between user and website.

Drawing a Layout or a Wireframe for Your Website

Designing the right website for your business requires a robust wireframe. We put much time and effort to layout a functional layout, so that the complete designing process is streamlined and executed under control. A well-constructed wireframe with detail diagram of page flow is essential to estimate how the website will display its products or services. Products and services with higher priority are kept on the surface for better accessibility, whereas, less important pages are put deeper into the website. The wireframe will also determine the placement of particular elements on the webpage.

Make Browsing and Navigation Easier for Your Visitors

An engaging navigation and web-interface acts much like an helpful sales pitch, explaining all the business i.e. who your are, what you are offering, how to avail the services or buy a product, how is it going to help the customers. This design traits make your website organized, which helps users to browse through comfortably and become familiar with exploring your online business. This is essential if you want to build users' trust, keep them returning back to the site and eventually convert them into customers.

irrespective of the number of products or services you offer and the number of pages you are planning to including, keeping the navigation structure simple is essential to improve user-engagement; because 'less is more' and 'simple is the new complex'. It keeps your website from overwhelming visitors with too much information and confuse them. That way, they are more likely to move to competitors’ website that is easier to browse. Moreover, the navigation should be neat and clutter-free, to make it easier of customers to make purchase.

Creating and Placing Appropriate Content

Great content that is engaging and worthy is just the beginning of achieving measurable results. The key is, to place the right content at the right place on the the web pages. This will determine whether visitors find they were looking for, do they see what you are offering, are they likely to interact with the content or not and many other crucial factors. For instance, placing essential content or key selling points above the fold and towards the left half of the page, will instantly grab visitors' attention. This ensures, they don't lose interest because they couldn't find what they were looking for.

It should be kept in mind that too much content on a single page can overwhelm users, thereby making them doubt the legitimacy of the website. Eventually, they leave. It's smart to put content with other elements together in a way that makes sense. This way, you will not only provide valuable info, but also lure customers towards conversion.

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