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LinkedIn Paid Advertising­ Campaign Services

Promote your ads through a new kind of Ad Campaign i.e., LinkedIn ads. LinkedIn Ads are the new talk of the town. Gain traffic, visibility and potential buyers through these ads.

These ad campaigns provide a whole new look to your ads. Raise your reputation through LinkedIn ads and its campaign services. With the new age strategy as more and more marketers are turning to LinkedIn to promote their products, services and content, We at AuroIN make sure that you get the benefits from our service.

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Expert LinkedIn Paid Advertising Campaign Services






Infographics LinkedIN Advertising

If your company is in business to sell to other businesses, LinkedIn is arguably a much better platform than others for targeted advertising to individuals. Advertising on LinkedIn is all about catching the attention of business people. As a result, companies that need to know they're advertising to specific people have embraced campaigns on LinkedIn. The basic needed to be taken of while working on LinkedIn Ad campaigns.

  • Profile Page Creation -­ LinkedIn being a business­focused social network needs to have a profile page that does business.
  • Setting Up an Ad Campaign -­ Creating two different types of ad campaigns namely Text Ads and Sponsored Ads
  • Targeting Audience -­ Have a good idea on who your target audience is based on your ad campaign and website. LinkedIn’s PPC advertise lets you target specific group of audience needed for your ad.
  • Budget Setting -­ Make the best use of the budget available. 10$ per ad campaign and 10$ total budget per campaign(for sponsored updates)
  • Bidding ­- Whether it’s a CPC bid or CPM bid. 2$ Minimum bid for CPC or CPM bid Editing Ads on LinkedIn ­ Editing Ads is a feature available on LinkedIn where you can edit your already posted ad. Edit target audience, payment method, budget setting.
  • Reporting ­- Track the performance of ads as to how they have performed in the previous days
Infographics on LinkedIN Ads Campaign Management

LinkedIn Paid Advertising Campaign Management

Case Studies

Renkang Hospital

About LinkedIn Ads:

LinkedIn advertising offers B2B marketers an incredibly cost-effective way to put your message in front of exactly the right target audience. LinkedIn Ads allows you to target prospects by geographic area, industry, company size, decision maker/title, seniority, age and even by company name.

XYZ was not being able to generate sales for its services offered. AuroIN analyzed its website and came up with a conclusion that may be LinkedIn Ad Campaign could help it out with its sales problem. So, Finally the LinkedIn Campaign took off. The challenge was to show the results ASAP and for that a well structured Company profile page was required.

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LinkedIn Paid Advertising Campaign Management Process

Budget and Bidding

Budget ­ Your daily budget is the maximum amount that you are willing to spend each day. LinkedIn displays ads at different rates during the day depending on when LinkedIn users are active on the website. If you are not receiving the desired traffic or impressions then you have to make some changes to your budget policy.

Bidding ­ Each time a prospect visits a page on LinkedIn, an “auction” happens between your ad and other advertisers. LinkedIn offers a suggested bid range, or an estimate of the current competing bids from other advertisers. The higher your bid, the more likely it is to “win the auction.” If you do not enter a bid within the suggested range, your ad will be less likely to beat other advertisers’ bids in the auction, resulting in fewer impressions or clicks.


LinkedIn Advertising Campaign Service


LinkedIn campaigns are one of the most sought after campaigns that have taken the online advertising world by storm. LinkedIn being a business platform or a social media platform designed for business users has a global presence throughout. Unlike its competitors like facebook, twitter, etc., LinkedIn has a specific audience group to target to. Having a user base of 400 million across 200 countries LinkedIn has become the first and the foremost choice for professional around the world. Available in multiple languages it has become a frontrunner when it comes to social media platforms.

Campaign Structure:
For a campaign structure using LinkedIn you’ve got to name it first. A name should very well describe your campaign. With LinkedIn Ads, you are targeting business characteristics rather than keywords, So the best practice is to name the campaign after the audience. A Company page that can appeal customers and clients. A business profile page is a must for gaining customers.

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