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AuroIN has grabbed the attention of numerous prestigious media companies.
We have been continuously praised for our top-notch service to our customers.

AuroIN Adwords Certification

AdWords Certification

Since the inception, we have been Google AdWords partner! We encompass talents who are certified to carry out strategic and successful AdWords marketing, which will surely increase your business sales manifold times. Our professionals are Google AdWords certified. We successfully launch online Google advertising campaigns with ads targeted to a specific demography, search history, product/service interest, and others.

Our AdWords marketing is result-driven with tailor-made strategies that empowers businesses to generate significant number of sales in the least time possible and also with the least investment. AdWords marketing can be done for all types of industries, however, it is the best tool for E-Commerce businesses.
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AuroIN Analytics Certification

Analytics Certification

AuroIN is Google Analytics partner! Our professionals possess the diligence and skill to efficiently use Analytics tool to determine, execute and monitor successful marketing strategies on your website. Our proficiency in Google Analytics has helped global customers in pointing out the weak-links in their business strategy and devise tailor-made solutions that will not only fix the lingering issues, but also boost business strategies. We enable businesses to reach their full potential and get maximum Return of investment.

Google Analytics is a sophisticated monitoring and measurement tool which enables web-masters to track progress and strategize solutions to increase valuable traffic, improve conversion rate, reduce bounce rate, keyword research, graph generation and many more. Since the very beginning we have been experts in the Google Analytics and strive to provide result-driven solution to our customers.
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AuroIN Mobile Advertising Certification

Mobile Advertising Certification

AuroIN has received Google AdWords Mobile Advertising Certification. We have the technical knowledge and skill-set to launch successful paid marketing ventures on mobile devices, irrespective of the platform. We specialize in mobile advertising campaign management. It stands as the proof on our expertise on mobile fundamentals, targeting methodologies, mobile-specific bidding, launching mobile ads, monitoring and measuring performance.

This includes our expertise in the field of AdWords fundamentals, search advertising, display advertising, mobile advertising, video advertising, and most importantly... shopping advertising. We implement, App engagement ads, in-app display ads, App install ads, App conversions, Mobile App analytics and more. Mobile advertising is one of the most powerful tool in todays world. With the ever increasing mobile users in the world, the potential to reach customers via mobile advertisement is getting larger every day.
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Inbound Certified AuroIN LLC:

AuroIN has received Inbound Marketing Certification with Hubspot, with a score of more than 90%. This stands as the credibility of our expertise in the field of inbound marketing. The marketing training enables our team with the right knowledge in the sphere of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), landing page optimization, blogging, conversion optimization, lead nurturing, email marketing, and other inbound methodologies. The certification is free, but the test includes a series of in-depth conceptual questions, which will take only a well-learned professional to answer correctly.

The certification enables us with the training and wisdom to make use of proven strategies, high-level best practices in converting visitors into leads, leads to customers and then customers to promoters. Our skill-set will help any business to achieve its maximum potential. We can generate the maximum Return of you Investment. Being one of the leading digital marketing agencies in NYC, we strive to provide the best services with our extensive experience and expertise in the industry.
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AuroIN Honored with the Prestigious Frederick Award

AuroIN LLC, has been honored with Fredrick award on 19th December, 2013 for showing excellency in networking designing/consultant services. The award ceremony was organized in Friedrick and our company was among the best nominees. We put our competitors behind and stood first among all of them. We got huge popularity and great recognition for our on time deliverance and excellent man-hour support. The company has created a successful client-professional relationship through it's workmanship and best SEO tactics.

Basically, these award program is given as a remembrance to local business holders, who has implemented programs to yield long term values. AuroIN has been selected as a suitable recipients providing best online marketing strategy that can boost the website ranking and develop it's presence in e-market. Our company has been recognized locally and will become a successive winner in the coming years. These years of success are adding jewels in creation of our company's brand and reputation. We are looking forward for more and more success and a global recognition of our work and dedication in future.
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Frederick County Business Appreciation week

The Frederick Award Program is established throughout the Frederick area for recognizing the accomplishment of local businesses. This award works vigorously with the business owners running their business only in the Frederick areas. Held once a year in a week, usually in September, the 'Business Appreciation Week' where Frederick County Ambassadors take the opportunity to thank businesses for their outstanding contributions to the Frederick economy. Frederick, Maryland being home to 600 businesses and organizations, AuroIN is one among them. Having its office in the areas of Frederick, AuroIN has been delivering its services to a wide list of clientèle present worldwide, since long. Providing affordable and cost-effective services to various business groups and communities, AuroIN has contributed a lot to the economy of Frederick. Using its abilities and implementing various programs, AuroIN has created a competitive advantage and long-term values towards the economy of Frederick. That's why in 2013 AuroIN got recognized as an outstanding contributor to the economic vitality of Frederick County.
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Webmaster Radio - Mr. Annada Pasad Padhy at an interview, SES New York

Mr. Annada Prasad Padhy, CMD, AuroIN was invited by the WebMaster Radio, the official radio/podcast network for the SES Conference and Expo series.

Through the interactive radio networks WebmasterRadio helps to bring the business community together. Most of the listeners are from global group, comprised of everyone from corporate executives to decision makers to small to mid-sized businesses to entrepreneurs. Its an honor to be invited to a such platform where you can get the global recognition.

WebmasterRadio conduct radio programs like Market Edge, Cyber-Law, Purse Strings and Business Report. Most of the respective persona of different companies only invited and got the chance to convey their message to all from here. When asked about how AuroIN started in small town and got a huge success, they got in reply that there are no such boundaries or barriers that can stop you when you have decided to do something different. Read More...
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SES Booth London

AuroIN always been a important part of SES. This year CEO Mrs. Archana Padhy and CMD Mr. Annada Prasad Padhy represented AuroIN in the SES Conference, The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London, England. People saw a lot of great presentations on development of a marketing strategy which combines owned, earned and paid channels that seems to be an integral part of everyone’s to do list.

Being Europe’s leading digital marketing event the sessions share some of the ideas to determine the channels which are working and how it can be improvise through development processes. The focus was 100% on education with a broad range of networking sessions and events for the audience to share their knowledge and experience as well as to develop new business relationships.

AuroIN carefully craft its own agenda for every SES Conference & Expo at home and abroad to show the recent digital marketing scenarios in current time. That's what made it one of the front runners around the globe.
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CMD & Senior Sales Manager at SMX, San Jose

In last 10 years, approximately tens of thousands search marketers have attended SMX programs to keep their edge. Being one of the leading Digital marketing firm in the world, AuroIN took part in the Search Marketing Expo – SMX. Mr. Annada Prasad Padhy, CMD, AuroIN and Miss Ashima Mohapatra, Senior Sales Manager, AuroIN represented the brand.

Three days of jam-packed conferences and tips on social, search, display and more. The session was all about on one to one strategy for small biz to small biz. Most of the presenters have worked with their own small businesses expressed all things that worked for them and the things that didn’t. In the presentations they shared their experience with the viewers and told their success stories and tips that were really helpful for staring a business. Mr. Annada Prasad Padhy also unveiled the secrets of his success and that were mostly admired by the listeners.
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AuroIN Exhibits Unique Services at Global Conference in Hannover

Premier New York City digital marketing agency AuroIN exhibited at CeBIT 2016 was held March 14-18 in Hannover, Germany. The international conference is one of the technology industry’s most important highlights of the year, and this one focused on the people behind the decisions powering today’s digital transformation. The AuroIN representatives in Hannover for this year’s content-packed five days found them to be a great platform for networking and discussing the firm’s unique capabilities. CeBIT reported about 3300 companies from 70 countries with one in every four trade visitors coming from abroad. Event statistics indicated that international visitors had higher budgets for capital expenditures than the previous year.
German Federal Chancellor Angela
“Merkel toured the show on the second day and emphasized the need for even faster Internet progress. She said, “Time is of the essence,” urging that today’s Internet offerings need to be accelerated in order to take advantage of the huge potential for gains in efficiency,” the company said.
AuroIN has been recognized by many prestigious global organizations for its digital marketing services. These include. Online Marketing, Web and Mobile Development, Design and Strategy Consulting.
“The Web and Mobile Development group provides an affordable, dependable platform for business communications. The Design experts help make correct design decisions easy with careful analysis of the pros and cons of every problem. Our top-level business planners participate in Strategy Consulting to arrive at solutions which will ensure an edge over the competition,” the company added.
Attendance at major conferences such as CeBIT is just one aspect of the continuing attention AuroIN pays to business-related developments in the Twenty-First Century world of technology. Everyone works together to bring maximum Return on Investment (ROI) on all customer projects.
For information about AuroIN, you may visit . Send questions via the contact form on the website or call 888-272-8734. To find out about CeBIT 2016, go to .
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