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Mobile app development and design Services

We’re now at the point where mobile has taken over all kinds of other devices. Mobile app downloads are soaring! Develop and Design web and mobile applications for your business because you don’t want to be left out!

  • A rare breed of Mobile Technology experts
  • Talented development and design team
  • Stand­out launch and marketing
  • Comprehensive product lifecycle management

Expand the value of your website, easily convert your visitors to buyers with CRO.

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Best Mobile App Development Services






Infographics Mobile App Development Services

Mobile apps are significant for every business irrespective of its size. Apart from sales, you can carry out marketing activities, generate new leads, interact with your customers in real-time, and do what not. It is an undisputed fact that developing mobile apps will benefit your business at every level.

Create a one-stop access for your business

Bring more customers to your business by creating an application that will serve as a one-stop solution for your customers. AuroIN’s Mobile app development team will help to create apps which will produce the right result.

What AuroIN does that others don’t?

  • We do a lot of ground work
  • We perfect your app designing and development
  • We extend your reach even further with marketing
  • We master the essentials to better share, engage, and market your app
  • We have the best app design professionals
Infographics Mobile App Development Services

Best Mobile App Design Service

Case Studies

Renkang Hospital

The Client has over 3,500 requirements that AuroIN designers needed to meet. The target user ranged from part­­time mothers to the semi­­retired, who were either not experienced with technology or intimidated by it. With the aim of creating an extremely high standard of user experience, our client wanted to ensure the new system took over from the old and encapsulated additional mobile app user functionality.

This product has got a very positive feedback from the staff of organizations like banks, pharmaceutical companies and government organizations.

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In this hullabaloo of mobile apps, we don’t just settle for good. We shoot for the stars, and we aim to take you there as well. Are you ready?

Get in touch with us for award-­winning mobile app development and design. We have designed and developed mobile apps for growing companies. Our developers are expert in native technologies such as iOS SDK, Cocoa Touch ,Xcode Objective C and Android SDK, etc., as well as in cross platform technologies that include HTML5, CSS3, Core Javascript, PhoneGap, Sencha Touch, jQuery, AngularJS and BackboneJS. Our designers are a rare breed of UI and UX experts.

We understand your mobile requirements and evolving needs. Basically, you would need app that fall into the following categories:

  • Native App
  • Web App
  • Hybrid App

And, we excel in each of them!

We design app that delights millions of people. Our apps provide hands­down user experiences. Get into the boat with us and ride to the horizons of growth and success that starts with a great mobile app development and design.


Best Mobile App Development Service


You need a mobile app, but which one will suit your business best? That’s the questions that is bothering many curious and confused entrepreneurs these days. Mobile is where the growth is. Business owners are looking forward to explore all kinds of online resources available at hand to grow their business. In the current marketplace, even a small beauty salon or a cafe shop are available online in the form of app.

Basically, there are thousands of mobile apps that fall into 3 broad categories: Native, Web, & Hybrid.

You need to choose the type that will be the most convenient for your business and simultaneously, your customers. But, how? Choosing between a Native, Web, and Hybrid app for your business is a very crucial decision that is taken by considering a lot of determinants. However, you don’t have to get into the complexities. As an experienced mobile app development and design company, we will help you decide the mobile app strategy in a few minutes.

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