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Pay Per Click is an online marketing that symbolises “a person who is paying for the number of times his ads are being clicked”. It refers to search engine marketing where in the ads are displayed on the search engines rather than being visually displayed on business page. These ads run on the basis of keywords relevancy and search majorly done in order to attract the keyword theme.

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Setting up an ad campaign requires huge investment and professionalism. Determining goals, targeting audience, budget and bidding are all a part of Pay Per Click Ad marketing. The most popular platform for PPC ads are Google Adwords, Bing Ads. Google having a greater share in the ad market is the most sort after.

Importance of PPC Ads

When we speak of PPC or Pay Per Click Creating an intelligent campaign structure can help you to:

Target the right people ­ Create a geo­targeted campaign or determine where your ads show.

Save money ­ Ensure you're not broadcasting your advertising to the wrong people or through the wrong channels.

Have better control over your advertising message and spend ­ You can effectively control your spend and whether a collection of Ad Groups continues to run, is paused, or is deleted at this level.

Creating an Ad campaign that brings success

Daily Budget of an Ad Campaign ­ This number is what you are willing to spend per day for a given ad campaign. Note that you can create multiple campaigns within one account, so in the above instance, the advertiser could spend more than 100 dollars a day total by creating additional campaigns.

Location and Language targeting ­ If you have a regional offer or would like to promote your products in different languages, you can easily manipulate these preferences here to create more targeted campaigns.

Campaign Status ­ Determine whether you want your ads to show upon completion, be paused, or if you would like to delete an ad campaign with this option.

Content Network and Content Bids ­ It is a search marketing best practice that, if you want to advertise on the content network, you create separate campaigns for content and search; so if you're running a search campaign, be sure to shut the content network off.

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