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Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Increase the traffic flow to your site significantly with the help of paid search engine advertising.

  • Exploit existing interest of customers for your products & services.
  • Pay just for the relevant traffic: limited by the geographical area, the days in a week, hours of a day, selected keywords, and so on.
  • With elegantly composed advertisement copy, diminish a number of expired leads.
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PPC Process

Our PPC strategies allow us to build a marketing campaign, which is specially designed by keeping your company objectives in mind.

Landing Page Development & Campaign Setup

Implement the landing page suggestions from the Paid Search procedure through advancement or coordinated effort with the customer.

Designing the Landing Page (optional)

Create designs for a ideal makeover of landing pages with proven ideas to take positive actions for recently formed campaigns.

Campaign Setup

Develop or revise the existing campaigns that are based on the Paid Search Procedure.

Implementation of the Landing Page

Create a new or just revise the Landing Pages for your new campaigns to make sure that the conversion tracking is carried out properly and page loading time is reduced.


Pay-Per-Click Results

Our PPC marketing strategies are designed in such a way that our clients would experience a sudden rise in traffic inflow and a higher conversion rate. Listed below are a few examples:

AuroIN web Design Services – spinnprint
  • Increased total paid traffic by 48.28%
  • Increased non-branded organic traffic by 3.54%
  • Increased total referral traffic by 4.42%
  • Increased total social traffic by 58.53%
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Secrets of A Successful PPC Campaign

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Selecting Right Keywords

The targeted keywords should be product specific. If you are a dealer, do make sure the products you offer through your website for purchase is facilitated easily.


Controlling the Search Process

It is one of the best ways to let your ad to be placed in front of the target audience. It also makes your ad more informative, innovative or entertaining enough to attract potential buyers to click through to your website. People ending up on your site doesn’t guarantee that they found what they are looking for. So, it’s very important that the advertisement's destination, or landing page is truly relevant to both the search terms and the anticipation attached to the advertisement.


Have a better understanding of Economics prior to the start

It might sound like the economics 101, but if you are spending $6000 on a PPC campaign, then you need to make sure that you generate a great ROI to maintain proper balance between the labor costs associated and the financial outlay. The good thing about it is that you would be in total control of your spendings by following a strict budget. Let’s say, if you would like to limit your ad campaign to $100/day, then your advertisements would stop being shown when you reach your maximum for that day and it resumed on the next day. However, if you spend $25 to sell a $20 pant, then no matter the number of times a day it occurs; you would lose money.


Make use of the Metrics in order to Stay Ahead of the Curve

The best thing about a PPC campaign is that you could instantly audit your outcomes. It enables you to conduct A/B testing of your ads, mentioned keywords, and landing pages. You also get an opportunity to end up the non-performing campaigns quickly or promote the ones that are performing well for you.

Improved Targeting with Fine-tune PPC Marketing

Another great thing about PPC advertising is the flexibility that it provides in terms of the delivery. There are many PPC techniques available that you could make use to build a strong customer base that is most likely to be your future clients:

Keyword Targeting

Keyword Targeting

Targeting appropriate keywords with an extensive research would help you attract the viewers interested in the products and services that you offer on your website.

Relevance: The keywords that you select for your PPC landing page should be always relevant. Keyword selection is a highly crucial task and nothing bothers a user more than landing on a page that is nowhere related to their search. Since you are paying for the traffic irrespective to the type of action taken by the user, you have to ensure that you get the best ROI out of each PPC visitor.

Matching Options: Keyword matching is another important aspect. When bidding, you can specify whether to bid on broad match keywords or phrase match and exact match keywords. Broad match keywords will show for any variation of a keyword. For example, if a negative keyword 'service' is in an ad group, the broad match keyword “Internet Marketing” will display your ad for the query “Internet Marketing Company”, but not for “Internet Marketing Service”.

Geographical Targeting

Geographical Targeting

If you would like to attract only the local customers, then you could mention that your advertisement specifically run in results within your city, state, or neighborhood. .


Perfect Timing

PPC gives you the freedom to deliver advertisements at the peak times to find out the potential clients and customers for your business. Using the AdWords data along with analytics data in tandem, you could determine when you are supposed to get the leads from PPC and increase your budget accordingly during the peak hours and decrease it during the off-hours. You could also make necessary adjustments to your campaigns if your business is closed on certain days. It avoids losing potential sales that you wouldn't be able to close on these days.


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