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Press Release - Online Infographics Services

AuroIN Launches Infographic Marketing Campaign 2016

January 29, 2016 ­ New York ­ AuroIN, a successful digital marketing agency recently announced the launch of its new marketing campaign ­ Infographics. The company who has an excellent track record of providing result­ oriented services to a worldwide clientele always tries to bring something new to the table and this time it is infographic marketing.

Infographics are strategically organized text and images compiled within a space to present data in a compelling and appealing way. They are currently trending and are recognized as a highly effective data visualization tool when it comes to content marketing.

“Infographics have taken off!” Said the Managing Director of the company on the occasion of the launch. He elaborated, “The demand for visual data has surged dramatically over the last couple of years. People who are active on social media and other channels of internet prefer graphical contents more than text ­based. Moreover, data that is coherent, quickly transferable, and visually appealing attracts a larger section of audience. If you were thinking about adopting this particular content marketing strategy, now is the time.”

Continuing on the topic, he said, “2016 is going to be a really promising year for everyone. As a marketer, it is our duty to bring you every essential resources that can upsurge your brand value. We can help you create best interactive infographics online. If you are a brand and think proactively, then you might have already started your infographics campaign. If not, do it now.”

The company has formed a team of analysts, content developer, and graphic designers who will now work in tandem with clients to create highly engaging and interactive business infographics.

About the company

AuroIN is an Internet digital marketing service provider that functions 24X7X365 to offer top-notch services to its worldwide based clientele. Having its branches in some of the most prestigious locations such as the One World Trade Center, it tries to bring the best of online marketing for its potential group of customers.

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