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Promotional Podcast Creation Service

Provide comprehensive information faster with short business podcasts. A podcast is an easy way of customer base expansion and increase sales with the top most promotional podcast production company.

  • Specifies about all the products & services with detailed information.
  • Both male and female spokesmodel will narrate your business.
  • Provide an exclusive peek inside your company's ecosystem.
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Promotional Podcast Production Services







Infographics Promotional Podcast Production

Our Podcast production Service Phases

Podcast is the latest tech wizard that captivates the human mind and increases their knowledge about a particular thing or brand. The positive impact of which results in more numbers of subscriptions that tends to increase the conversion rate of a business or brand or particular thing.

We follow a simple 3­Phase Rule:

Phase 1: Pre-­Production

  • Make a rough sketch of your plan
  • Decide the time span of the podcast
  • Set up the recording session

Phase 2: Production

  • Compile a compelling script
  • Record in a noiseless environment

Phase 3: Post-Production

  • Experts edit the podcast
  • Addition of music & sound effect is done
  • Undergoes a final check & delivered to the client

We start with a rough plan and eventually end up delivering the podcast to the client. Our sound experts and content writers take care of all your needs and demands.

AuroIN's Podcast Production Service Phases

Promotional Podcast Production Services

Case Studies

Spinn Print


Call of has a unique approach among the churches of Colorado Springs. We believe that Springs of Life is a result of God’s call to help families and children to do well. With time enrollment of kids increased up to 250 in our two daycare centers, our motive is to bring a positive impact on the kids.

The stepping stone was placed in the month of May 2002 by Dan and Cheri with a handful of families. Then, later Pastor Steve Holt officially permitted to begin the church.

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Promotional Podcast Production Services Process

Cutting-edge technology and smart coding combined harmoniously to get the most optimized load time for your website.


The most important phase - Recording. We pick a background, avail sophisticated equipment, take care of the background clarity, sound effect and with the team and content start recording the script. After this, editing is done and a final product is made and forwarded to the client.

Important Note on Podcast Production:

  • If provided by customers, the script must be within 500 words.
  • The script will be read as it is. There will be no revisions, unless we make a mistake.
  • For jargons and new words, customers must provide pronunciations.
  • For production demonstration, products has to be sent to our USA office.
  • We refrain solutions to businesses in services such as: dating, adultery, gambling, drugs, alcohol, illegal, offensive and pharmacy.

Promotional Podcast Creation Services


According to the latest statistics related to Podcast, it is configured that more than 89 million Americans have listened to podcast till date and the numeral is increasing day by day. Hence, from this statistics one can figure out how this new tech wizard is captivating the human minds. People are getting addicted to it as it provides a huge amount of information, knowledge and entertainment altogether. For every big and small things people take the help of internet and among them podcast is the best way of clearing your doubts and gaining knowledge.

Podcasts promotion is easy and open many gates towards your business expansion with a boost in conversion rate. It’s promotion is great for SEO! As lot of importance is given to podcast and videos over texts.

Implementation of Podcast is irrespective of your business size. Much can be done if you start creating podcasts for your company.

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