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Top 3 Points to Consider Before Marketing Your Business Video

SEO is not just about building large number of links, but to have high­quality content. Content like infographics, image gallery, and most importantly videos play a major role in getting organic traffic.

Today business videos have become the most crucial type of content for brand awareness, product showcase, advertisement and Sale generation. However, you need to make your video SEO friendly and market the right way to stand­out in the competition.

Here are 3 crucial points you need to consider before marketing your video on digital media.

Video marketing is all about the audience and not about the marketer.

Encoding and Transcoding:

When you want to market your video on digital platforms other than conventional channels, you need to have a digital version of your video, which plays without lagging across all digital channels. If you have shot a video on film, you need to encode it into digital bits. If you have shot a video on digital video camera, where file is already stored in a flash­drive or others, you need to transcode the file. You will have to convert it into appropriate formats so that the video can be played seamlessly across all channels, browsers and devices, including 'Web TV.' Videos must be lightweight and short, so that viewers with slow bandwidth connection can also get your message. You need to organize and manage a set of business video assets, which are optimized for convenient viewing.


No matter how much effort you have put on your video production ventures; no matter how creative and unique it is; your marketing effort will fail if don't make it engaging enough. Making a video impressive is very much different from encouraging engagement and action. Impression will increase brand value, engagement will get you actual sales. Engagement will vary from audience to audience, so you have run a marketed research to make it fitting as per maximum target audience's' preference.

A few points to consider include:

  • Attention span or average view time
  • Types of content you audience like
  • What's popular in the promo video production arena
  • Call­to­action that works
  • Placement of animation, call­to­action, color theme, duration, channels and more
  • Latest trends and real­time responsiveness based on device's display screen

SEO Friendly:

  • Making you video SEO friendly is of paramount importance. You don't just want you video to be in the air but also searchable. Here are a few points to consider:­
  • First thing's first ­ high­quality video that solves a problem. One problem at a time! May be it has nothing to do with SEO; but, if the video is not impressive enough, SEO won't be of much help.
  • Make your video assets easier to browse. Use user­friendly resource center. Categorize videos wit tags, to easy search­ability. Instead of stringing all videos in a single page, create multiple ones with separate landing page for each video. This makes easier for search engine to find your videos. Create a video sitemap.
  • Use rich metadata and long tail keywords. Bring­in hidden tags in the HTML code of the landing pages, including social media tags.
  • Use transcription for indexing. Add video transcription directly to the HTML code of each pages. Keep it keyword rich to perform on SERPs. Video transcripts in video- sharing channels enables you to include link to other pages as well, such as a blog, webpage or social media channels.

Now that you have implemented the basic elements of making your videos SEO friendly, use analytics to measure how they perform in reality. Also take care of the load­time, meta-elements, placement, browser and OS friendliness to stay ahead of the competition.

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