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3 Key Elements of a Sale­Magnet Business Video


The approach of selling a product has evolved from long narrative contents, to short lines, to pictures and now to videos. They are so popular that social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter have added a video auto­play feature to their timeline. Video is able to connect more emotionally because both voices and images are tied­together to deliver messages across the audience effortlessly. Think about it, all you have to do is just hit that 'play' button and it takes you to a different reality.
But, creating a convincing business video is not an easy job. This blog focuses on top 3 key elements of a video that attracts sale like a magnet!

Tell a Story:

There's no better way to send your message than with a storytelling. A story makes your pitch more relate­able for your audience, which makes it easier for them to connect with. It engages with your audience as they are hooked to the end of the video. The content flows one after another, enabling viewers to connect at a personal and emotional level. Bringing emotion in the video is one of the most powerful tool, be it humor, motivation, relief or happiness. This enables you to create a desirable product and services.

Opening and Closing with a Human:

It's not a wonder that humans have such little attention span when they are presented with something new. The first few seconds is all it takes for them to decide to stay or leave. Some decide to drag it to the end, because they just want the conclusion or the key takeaways. To keep this interesting for them, business videos must integrate a human voice or a human face in the opening and closing loops. A real spokesmodel will do the trick! Opening lines should create curiosity and act as a breadcrumb leading to the actual product/service video. The closing lines should give a succinct benefit and a call to action.

Benefits over Promises:

Some videos do create a strong introduction which makes it interesting to watch; but that's it! They fail to bring any real sale because they promise to bring a desirable change in to their target audiences' lives; whereas, they should have laid out benefits instead of big promises. Promises keeps your products and services loosely held by viewers. To accept or reject is clearly up­to them; however, benefits gives the real taste, the end result, the real feeling of using your product or services. Benefits go deep into their conscious, which encourages them to avail what you have to sell. This may take some time for them to make the actual purchase, but, it will never be rejected. However, you may have to keep them interested using other techniques such as PPC, call­to­action for email subscription, contact information and such.

These are the top 3 elements; however, it takes a lot more than that to create a powerful video. You need professional speakers for voice over, spokesmodel, designers, editors, high­quality mic, camera and a lot more. It's cost­effective to rather hire promotional video production companies for the job, instead of investing on all the resources and equipment.

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