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Case Studies - Promotional Video Production Services

Service: High‐quality Promotional Sunglasses for Bulk Order
Campaign: Promotional Video Production Services
Time Frame: 1st November 2015 ‐ Current

About provides high‐quality, low price promotional sunglasses and accessories with excellent service for the global customers. The company employs cutting‐edge printing technology to produce latest design products at lowest cost.

Founded in 1994, was firstly known as a sunglasses manufacturer in China. They have shipped millions of sunglasses to the customers worldwide. Later in the 2000s, the company stepped into the promotional market offering the professional promotional sunglasses to the customer in various fields. Promoglasses offers a wide range of promotional sunglasses and accessories with FULL‐COLOR logos on lenses and arms.

To learn more, visit: partnered with AuroIN to create promotional video on business overview and client testimonial on 1st November 2015. AuroIN produced two videos, which helped to grow social reach and attain the brand value and community it has now. Both AuroIN and worked collaboratively in order to maximize the benefits of the video production project.

Initial Phase needed help in driving more views to its YouTube channel‐tsZlxMguP9R70XgGYg. The client also wanted to create a community, establish brand value and bring sales using video marketing campaign.

AuroIN’s Role

1. Implement video production techniques

We created a viral video by integration call‐to‐action which will not only increase business reach and page rank but also bring‐in actual sales.

2. Creating powerful content

We put‐together a team of copywriters and designer who did create the foundation of the promotional videos. We did research on its target audience and design animation as well as content that meets their specific needs. We designed a video to which viewers will not skip, rather they will watch it all the way through.

3. Deploy Voice‐over, Spokesmodel and Music

We understand the necessity of having a spokesmodel and a compelling human voice in the videos to make it trustworthy and sale‐able. We brought professionals for voice‐over and spokesmodel in the videos to give it a personality which will connect with audience emotionally.

Phase 1


Planning: We made a road‐map with the end product in mind. From content placement to graphic and animation design, we created a rough end product. Scripting: Our copywriters compiled a compelling script for the video production. We had also created content for the text, voice‐over, and spokesmodels.

Time Determination: We had to decide on the time‐frame in order to determine how long a particular phrase or animation will feature in the videos.

Shoot Location and Casting: We picked the right professionals for the casting, where script was handed‐over to spokesmodel and the speaker for voice‐over. After assessment, we decided on who will cast and who will give voice for the videos.

Storyboarding: Graphics designer, copywriters, and video editors came together to decide on how the final video will look like. Some changes were made during the process.

Phase 2


Scene Capture: Actual shooting of footage was done in this phase. We picked the location for background, availed sophisticated equipment, took care of lighting requirements, framing, composition and other essentials needed for the video creation process.

Voice‐Over: Video production script was sent to male professional who for the voice‐ over.

Spokesmodel Shoots: Video production script was sent to spokesmodel to create footage for the video.

Phase 3


Video Editing: After receiving the voice‐over, scene shots, spokesmodel footage, we assigned our video editor to create the final product.

Adding graphics, music, images, special effects and color: We acquired royalty‐free music apt for the video, implemented images, graphics and special effects to the video as per the requirement.

Delivering the Final Cut: After producing the final cut, we delivered the 1080p HD quality video to

As a result, achieved more customer reach, brand credibility, as well as sales.


The collaborative execution of promotional video production between AuroIN and combined with AuroIN’s evergrowing knowledge base and its effective implementation of Call‐To‐Action strategies, made the brand become a success story that it is today.

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