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Press Release - Promotional Video Production Services

Annada Padhy

AuroIN Adds Promotional video creation services in 2016

New York City, USA ­ March 09, 2016 – AuroIN, a premier digital marketing agency, based in NYC, rolls out its Promotional video production strategies and services for existing as well as new clients.

Video production is the crux of business product and service promotion on electronic media channels. With changing digital marketing scenario, promotional video production is becoming more popular In 2016. Social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter now feature auto­play feature to facilitate effective video marketing.

AuroIN is bringing a comprehensive promotional video creation service by adding voice over, spokesmodel, royalty­free music and impressive motion graphics to its customers. Businesses from around the world can take advantage of the dedicated team that AuroIN has put together for the task.

Annada Padhy – The Managing Director of AuroIN quoted: ­ “We want to be one of the leading promotional video production companies in the world. We understand the importance of having a powerful and convincing video in the arsenal of marketing venture. We have a put together a dedicated team for a comprehensive service.”

“Our customers will have the option to choose a suitable male voice- over and upto 3 native American female spokesmodels as per their preference. Our video production is highly profession as per American standard and in 1080p HD quality. Our professionals are equipped with sophisticated instruments to deliver the best­in­class promo videos to our global customers.”, Annada Padhy added.

Video production services from AuroIN will empower businesses to get more brand value and increase sales. AuroIN also enables businesses with product promotion videos where real products has to be sent to their USA office.

About AuroIN

AuroIN is a New York based, digital marketing agency with over a decade of experience in the industry. AuroIN specializes in Video production, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Pay Per Click, Website Building Services and lot more to provide comprehensive turnkey services to global customers.

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