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Steps to take Before Hiring a Digital marketing Agency

Hiring a digital marketing agency was never easy job rather always a challenge for both the website owners and Agencies. Selecting a wrong digital marketing firm may ruin both of your budget and time resulting nothing. The Founder & Chairman of AuroIN LLC, Mr Annada Prasad Padhy explains how it could be done in an interview with

  • 1. Can you provide us some testimonials and case studies?

    An experienced company providing result-driven solution must have testimonials and feedback from earlier clients. Testimonials, feedback and case studies will stand as the proof of their credibility. Words from clients will speak a lot about their company culture, work approach and most importantly quality of their services.

    • Are the testimonials approving or disapproving and why?
    • Do they have case studies? If 'Yes', is it thorough enough?
    • What common positive areas does the testimonials point to?
  • 2. How is your customer support and after sales support?

    Sure, the project is on good hands, all aspects of you needs are take cared by experienced professional; but, that's not enough. Professional companies provide 24x7 customer support and make themselves available at all times. This facilitates clients to reach them any time they want, when they want to make some specific changes which has to been in short time. They must also provide after sales support.

    • Do they have a separate team for customer support?
    • Are they well-versed with the technicality and little details of your business project?
    • Do they have professional communication system in place?
    • Do they have multiple medium of communication and not just the conventional phone call and email?
  • 3. How will I know your strategies are working? Will you provide weekly reports and daily updates?

    Even if you see increase in sales for business, it is very essential to get factual data on its growth. No project execution is complete if there is no tool to monitor and measure. Weekly reports and daily updates will provide you exactly how much you are getting in return for you investment. You must yourself be able to evaluate the progress of work done by the company.

    • Do they have automatized tool to generate reports?
    • Can the tool be customized to generate reports based on your specific business needs?
    • Are the professionals certified to use the tool?
    • Does the reports generated tally correctly with visible progress?
  • 4. How long have you been in the Digital Marketing business?

    Experience of the company in the industry can say a lot! An experience of over 15 years mean, they have been providing reliable services consistently, because new companies don't even survive the first two years. By now, they must have worked on almost all types of industry. They have extensive knowledge and have witnessed how digital marketing has evolved overtime. They have strategies that have stood the test of time.

    • What services are they providing?
    • How has the company evolved since the inception?
    • What are the types of industries, the company has work for?
    • What is their customer base?
  • 5. Can you prove me that you can take my website to 1st page? Can you show me a list of your successful projects?

    Every company will say that they can take your website to 1st page; but, only a few can provide you the proof. Successful companies have a list of such successful projects which will corroborate their claim and infer the company's healthy work culture, result-driven strategies and their experience in the technicality of digital marketing.

    • How did they bring the website to the 1st page?
    • For which industries have they brought website to the 1st page?
    • Since when have they been successfully achieving it?
    • How are they planning to bring your website to the 1st page?

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