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How to Avoid Spamming of the Websites


You have created a website and have done required SEO to help it rank better in the search engines, but it is being spammed by Google. This is because the techniques that you or your SEO agency is resorting to may not may not be approved by most of the search engines.

Using black hat techniques may cause google to view your website as a spam. This may adversely affect your ranking in search result pages. If you don’t have an idea of web design and what are the credentials search engine look for, then you might not be able to figure out what harm are these spamming techniques and deceptive elements are doing to your website. Duplicate contents, invisible text, cramming of keywords, cloaking, non­relevant links are some of the black hat techniques that are known to give good results for short term, but are not accepted by search engines. The result is that the particular website is regarded as spam by the search engines and no searchers are able to view the site.

White hat techniques may be slow at generating results initially but will give good output in long term. The website will see an increased amount of organic web traffic and conversion rate.

Here are some features of some white hat SEO :

  • These techniques confirm the guidelines laid by the search engines and are thus accepted by them.
  • These tactics do not resort to any deception.
  • It ensures that the contents designed for the website are those that are actually indexed by the website and the same are seen by visitors. Thus it avoids invisible texts and ensures that the contents are relevant to the site. The sentences used are proper; free from any grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.
  • The links and references used for the website are true, genuine, and relevant too. This also gives weightage to the website while being ranked by search engines.
  • White hat tactics are user focused and ensure that the website is user friendly and provides easy navigation when a visitor browses the page.
  • There is usage of keywords that blend seamlessly in the contents, titles, headers, meta descriptions.
  • Proper web architecture and hierarchy is followed, sitemap is made available, each page has good and explanatory titles and meta descriptions.

Safeguard your website and business by resorting to white hat SEO tactics for your website. Hire the best search engine optimization services in New York to ensure that your site gets best results and performs well in search engine result pages. Expand your visibility and foster your sales with the best SEO services in New York.

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