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Located in New York, Tracie Martyn has a crisp catalog of skin care products that provides a non­invasive yet effective approach to beauty. Using the best anti­aging technologies, the products boasts of treating skin leaving it rejuvenated and uplifted. Tracie is a pioneer in designing this organic skin­care concept and an online marketing campaign was required to increase qualified leads and overall sales.

What it required

Although a long standing authority in the beauty industry, Tracie Martyn was not popular on the online market as it was offline. It needed both, awareness and connect with potential clients online.

Our Plan

At AuroIN, we know that a website is as good as its conversions. Therefore, what Tracie Martyn needed was targeted organic, web traffic that actually led to sales.

What we did

In February 2015, we launched with optimized contents. We worked with them to create website contents that was crisp, transparent, and cohesive.

We performed its SEO and associated online marketing campaigns to levels beyond Tracie Martyn’s expectations. We published blogs, guest blogs, articles, related contents regularly. Product launches were accompanied by regular press releases and news updates on social media.

A comprehensive link building campaign along with social media optimization was also initiated to gain more authority and rankings in major search engines.

Other critical tasks were fixing broken links, detailed URL mapping, performing server testing and creating a security protocol.

If an off­page optimization was implemented on one hand, on­page was taken care on the other. Product descriptions and entire website’s contents were rewritten in a more SEO Bot- friendly manner.

The Results


All these changes helped the website draw more traffic and convert more visitors overall. For instance, the number of leads jumped by 53% and organic search traffic saw an increase of 200% alone.

Our Inference

Constant adjustment of online marketing strategy played a key role for Tracie Martyn in reaching fantastic results. Measurable progress and tracking of customer satisfaction levels sparks online success.

Client’s Response

Although there are many reasons we are successful today, AuroIN is the Top Reason. They successfully branded us, exposed us, and continue to expand us.

We are Recognized as...

  • AuroIN-Adwords certified
  • AuroIN Proven Credible Verified
  • AuroIN LLC, USA BBB Business Review
  • AuroIN Google Partner