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Allen T. Gregory

Sales Consultant


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Experience: Allen has worked in the online space for the past 10 years. He began his online career as a Marketing Analyst at a small firm in New York City. In 2008, he made a clean break from the corporate world and became an entrepreneur. Throughout those years he has become self-taught in copy-writing, consulting, and various areas of marketing.
Career goal: Create scalable systems that drive significant profits.
Life Goal: Create a legacy for my family and solve global challenges with exponential thinking.
Residence: He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.
Interesting Fact: Has been involved in technology and sales since 1998. Worked as a Technology Sales Consultant at several offices, department, and technology retailers from 1999-2004. Worked as a Marketing Analyst in New York City from 2005-2008. Worked for a company backed by several million dollars in investment capital building sales and technology processes in 2014-15. Built desktop computers from scratch as a teenager from 1997-1999.