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Client Testimonials

Love Notes from Our Clients

Testimonials from our clients keep us driven and motivated to keep doing what we do best! It's our pride and great satisfaction that we meet customer business objectives. Each acknowledgement herein is precious to AuroIN!

Good guys very professional guys who keep up with the promises according to schedule, if you need a favor on the side they will go out of the way to do it even for free I will definitely use these guys in an ongoing way cause they have done everything we paid for and so much more. Thank you, from Punta Cana Best excursions Team.

Punta Cana Best Excursion

Let me start by saying this was a long and sometimes difficult road for both myself and Aurion. This project started on July 9, 2015. In August I was injured in an accident and went through surgery on my shoulder in September.

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"AuroIN and their staff have been a great find. They are professional and punctual on their services.

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Kevin J Larson Owner.

"I have been in the gourmet e-commerce business for over 8 years and had my e-commerce website professionally created.

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Linda N. Szymanski

"I recommend AuroIN. Its staff does excellent work."

Daniel Edelstein,
Publisher for new humor book titled “Packer Poems & Punchlines” (

"GloveWhisperer (GW) began the process of evaluating and selecting a new website development partner in June of 2015.

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Jim Carson

GloveWhispere, Inc.

I appreciate your good work! We are from different country and we may have some misunderstanding during communication, but you always listen to my request even it means you have to rework.


You and your team did a great job with the work you did on my website, fixing the broken links and the SSL issue. I am sure it will make a difference in sales in the future.


Thanks for all the kind work, you guys do an amazing job. My website is looking tremendously good.

Stefano Agrelo
Chief Executive Officer
Girox, Inc

Working with AuroIN was a joy. The staff was helpful as well as intuitive. Their skills are impressive. I found the team to be polite and always open to ideas no matter how complicated. The team's creativity was inspiring.

We at First Access Medical LLC believe the web site creation is a perfect launch to our new endeavor.

Eric W. Hoyt


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