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What is an .Edu or .Gov Link Worth of ?


Quantifying the value of links is one type of assessment every search marketer is interested in. This gives them a fair idea of the amount of time and money they need to invest in the link building efforts. Generating back links from high authority sites has always been one of the top methods of SEO. And, when it comes to generating back links from TLDs like .Gov or .Edu, the process considered tedious, yet highly productive.

Reports from webmasters that continually survey the World Wide Web says; high-toolbar-Page rank sites like Wikipedia gets much less traffic than High-PR sites like educational and .gov sites. People generally try to reach more for news and updates on a regular basis from educational sites than user-generated content sites.

Matt Cutts, the lead of the Web Spam team of Google says, “.gov and .edu sites are not treated differently by Google algorithms”. In other words, the search engine’s algorithm basically focuses on site that has a high pagerank and thus, high authority. Since, most of the .edu and .gov are high authority sites, they have a higher PR and get astronomical traffic on a daily basis. By linking with them, a part of the high authority gets passed on to your site as well, thereby increasing the value of your site.

Google always gives special preference to non-profit government and education sites. They have; the trust of their viewers, high domain-authority, and age. They do not allow external links to get associated with them easily and choose their resources very carefully. As a result, backlinks from these sites will result in an immediate boost in the ranking of your own site.

The best way to take off your organic SEO campaign is via .Edu and .Gov links. One link from these high pagerank sites is worth many links from other low key sites. Backlinking with these sites will result in generating high link juice for sure and that will definitely help in improving your website’s search visibility.

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