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Why Do You Need Infographics Now More Than Ever?


Infographics is slowly being identified as one of the most powerful tool in the arena of content marketing to optimize your business the organic way. As per a study, infographics search volume has rose over 800 percent in the last 2 years. People are opting graphical data more and the demand has surged unbelievably since the advent of Pinterest.

The shift to visual social media

2015 was a year of image-based text mostly, with social media playing the most crucial role. Memes and visual contents were doing the rounds of various social media channels. Colorful posters with cliches or quotes and saying are being shared mostly on a facebook wall or on a twitter handle. It has been observed that photos get 50% more likes, 100% more comments, and 80% more click throughs.

Fact is, people no longer want to scan through layers of pages that has nothing but text. Information is needs quickly and concisely. This requirement is fulfilled effectively with the aid of infographics.

An amazing fact about data visualization is that it lures visitors in the first glance. Unlike articles and blogs where only the title of the content is prominent, an infographic is self-explanatory and gives a lot of information in an easy-to-understand format in one single peek.

The future is bright

Experts agree that if any form of content marketing is going to remain for longer period of time, it would be infographics. The combination of text and visuals will serve as the best tool for businesses in promoting their products and services.

Think visually! The internet is evolving and so is the demand for different types of contents. Infographics is considered the frontrunner and nobody can deny that fact. Establish your brand’s identity with the aid of infographics and incorporate it in your content marketing strategy to stay in the competition.

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