Search Engine Optimization

SEO is complex, has many layers, and takes time to understand, but there are some fundamentals that persist no matter how often the algorithms are updated SEO requires effort up front, once you rank, your sales will skyrocket with no recurring expenses. It’s all about Website Optimization which includes Onsite, Onpage, and Offsite optimization for Google rankings. 

Client: Portland Creative Realtors

Challenges & Solutions:

This client came to us hoping to rank well in her real estate service niche, and she was struggling. She needs a search-friendly website with maximize visibility, improved user experience and website pages needs to be easy for a search engine like Google to crawl and understand. The client also needs to gain better Google ranking results.


In order to establish an effective SEO strategy, we conducted an SEO audit on the website. We began by crawling the website using the Screaming Frog SEO Spider. It provided us with a detailed overview of the website. This Audit report clearly shows that the site needs optimization in terms of technical aspects – ON PAGE Optimization.


When it’s time to dive into on-page SEO, there are tons of things we look at, but the three main areas we focus on that usually provide the quickest results are meta data, webpage content, internal linking and website load speed. 


The site was developed in WordPress. We trust on the Yoast plugin for the task. Majority of our on‐page SEO advice focused exclusively on the strategic placement of keywords on the webpage—keyword in title, keywords in the meta description, keywords in H1, keyword in Image Alt Tags and keyword placement in the content of the page. Internal link placement was also taken care off.

We also fixed few search options in the website, improve the page speed and made the website mobile friendly. 

Comparison Reports:

Results And ROI:

The on page content development became the key for improving visitor experience and SEO. 


As a result of our efforts, Portland Realtors saw a 38% increase in traffic, 8% reduction in bounce rate and a significant ranking improvement for almost all targeted keywords. AuroIN could able to deliver a website that met all of Portland Realtors original goals and more, allowing our clients to concentrate on its ultimate goal: keyword rankings and increased sales.


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