Video Production

Video is now the most accessible delivery method and an excellent & highly impactful way to communicate to your audience in an emotional and engaging manner, using real people. They are the connection with the audience in a way which convinces them to use your product or service.

Client: Pss Mobilety

Challenge And Solutions

Pss Mobilety challenged us with a task of creating a promotional animated video for his website He then requested for an explainer video that would illustrate the entire process for loading an application. The video also needed to reflect the look, feel and the entire process with a person’s voice over explaining the process. Though this was the first of its kind for us, we took the challenge as he was our existing client. The client wanted groundbreaking videos, and we wanted to show our own caliberity, so these videos would have to look and sound like nothing we had done before.

We knew upfront that the clients had a great sense of imagination. They specifically wanted a video that would not only explain and promote their product but also motivate their sales team. Animated and dynamic videos make people feel they are participating and involved in your story. They share in and want to be part of the passion your staff, or customers show.


Our team worked out very hard to showcase various features of his product (software) and his eBooth app.  We built an animation to keep viewers engaged. We leveraged our extensive experience as we planned out the production. Even before the video production began, we spent a huge amount of time planning the post-production and writing the storyboard. 


We started the build-out of the timed animatics, which involved putting the still images of the storyboard to time and making sure all actions fit and made sense within the overall timeframe of the production. Finally the animated video was completed  and then converted into final required formats for delivery.

Results & ROI

The client loved the video, which quickly became an essential selling tool. After recognizing this success, the client commissioned us to make another video which was entirely different from the previous video which was also successfully completed. Till date we have made three videos for the client.


The client originally intended to use the videos only internally, but their sales force liked the video so much that they took the initiative to show the video to clients while selling their software and application.

The NightOwl VIdeo
eBooth Action App
eBooth Mobilety App

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