Digital Marketing Trends In 2020

Digital trends evolve every year. This allow marketers to develop new ways to grow their businesses, generate leads and improve their relationship with customers

Here are some of the digital trends in 2020:

Live Videos

Live content is the fastest growing segment of Internet video traffic, thanks to social media giants like Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. Live streaming content is effective because it is free; takes a short time to produce while it offers a real-time user engagement, and viewers use your content based on your time not theirs.

Live videos have the ability to generate greater impressions than posts published in the news feed, especially if users choose to post them to their stories. Live streaming content allows digital marketers to engage with their prospects in a fastest way possible, improve their relationship with followers, reach a broader audience and boost their social channels traffic.

Browser Push Notifications

Browser push notifications are one of the most popular web development trends in 2020. Organizations use browser push notifications to reach their leads more efficiently and communicate with their audience in a more influential way. Push notifications also help in retaining customers and improving conversion rates.

Smarter Chat

Chatbots play a significant role in improving the customer experience and allow digital marketers to better engage with their audience – without really doing much. They offer real-time assistance to the user, keen support, and proactive interactions where they ask questions to understand the real difficulty.

Rich Lead Profiling

Data enrichment is offered by organizations that collect and manage complex data for millions of leads and businesses. It has become more and more important recently. Digital marketers use data enrichment to reveal more details about their leads and personalize their approach when attempting to contact them. The great advantages of data enrichment is that it removes any wrong or inaccurate information that organizations might have about a particular lead such as street address, phone number or email.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Marketing

Augmented Reality Ads is one of the major applications that are now used by digital marketers all around the world. It is a way to bring static or unreal environments into a more realistic experience, something that would integrate the offer with the reality of the buyer.

Voice Search

Voice search is undeniably rising in popularity, and soon, 50% of all queries will be voice-based. There are two kinds of voice search – those that are implemented by smart speakers like Cortana, Alexa, Google Home and Homepod, which provide searchers with instant voice answers to their questions and those that are installed in desktops, and smartphones like Google Assistant and Siri which display written search results.

AI and Machine Learning

AI allows digital marketers to anticipate future possible patterns of their customers based on collected data. With this data, they can then determine how to better engage with their active clients using various channels like sales outreach, direct mail, or digital advertising.

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