Why Aggressive Promotion Is Required During The Crisis?

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Do you remember the global financial crisis that happened during 2008-09; how many organizations have failed to hold themselves up in the global market during that crisis? It was claimed to be one of the biggest financial crises the world has ever witnessed. Even during that phase, a few companies managed to hold themselves up, and now they are doing wonders all over the world.

Now, we are in the same situation again. This time both human life and money are at stake. But, in every difficult time lies a new opportunity that can lead us to a new height. The only thing we have to do in a crisis like this is to keep patience and make the best use of it.

In this blog, you will come across why aggressive marketing is essential during this phase and how it will take your brand value to the next level?

Come With a Positive Tagline

How many of you remembered the “Open Happiness” ad campaign ran by Coca-Cola during the global financial crisis? It came around the earliest recovery of the financial crisis (2008-09), but it turned out to be one of the most successful ad campaigns of that time, and it did help the company in the long run.

Just like this, you have to come with a positive and impactful campaign that helps people in some way. A campaign that has the intent to help others in this hour of need; where you can show them how your brand can help them in these tough times. Make it short, make it meaningful.

i.e: Your tagline should be like “Let’s merge for a better digital approach” or “Keeping your business up on the Internet is our responsibility”.

Social Media: Your Best Friend

The biggest reason for the success of this lockdown period is the Internet. Especially Social Media; the average use of social media per user is 2-3 hours as per Google sources. But, now it has grown up to max. of 5-6 hours. So, why not use social media like a best friend who can help your brand to reach both your clients and prospects without any hassle. Start with creating:

  • Crystal clear image with a short and impactful tagline in it
  • Share your employees work from home selfies. Show them that your company is still capable of handling projects without any If(s) and But(s)
  • Share your client’s testimonial on your timeline to see everyone on how you’re helping your clients
  • Start poll/question sessions or put stories on Instagram and Facebook to interact with your clients and customers

Make sure your brand is visible on the Internet almost every day. Let people see what you are doing and how you can help them during this tough time.

We have got your back

This is the hard time that tests our patience and capabilities towards our clients. It is high time that you should approach not only your existing partners or customers but also the old ones in case they need your assistance again. 

Prepare a strategy on how your brand can help them to stay up in the market during these tough times. Show them your plan. Discuss with them about your approach and possibilities of the outcome. Also, invite them for suggestions or any new ideas they have in their mind that you can both adapt.

Wrapping up

The offline world is taking a break, but the online world is still running at the same pace as it used to be before. So, why not make the best of these times and come with some new marketing approach to reach the next level without any hassle. 

Be patient. We have come across crises like this before. We have tackled those hard times with patience and perseverance. This time also we will deal with it with the same enthusiasm.